The divine feminine energy that we all possess is aching to come forth in greater ways. I am here to help you to soften and embody your natural ability for more grace, courage, fluidity and freedom.

Dance ~ Travel ~ Adornment

I am a dancer and performer and lead workshops and retreats in the US, India and Europe. It is a great joy for me to create space and opportunities for women to connect more to their femininity, strength and sensuality through dance. Movement, conscious breath practices, chanting, communing and sharing our stories helps us to break down the barriers and blocks we have created that keep us disconnected and in a place of fear.

I live much of the year in India and Europe and love to lead women’s (and co-ed) group and VIP tours and retreats throughout Rajasthan, Rishikesh (India) and Greece. Connecting with other cultures through conscious travel and adventures gives us greater perspective in our lives and cultivates more compassion and gratitude. I love being a bridge between Western and Eastern cultures and witnessing a great softening and opening of hearts through travel.

I curate and design unique one-of-a-kind adornment items from India and beyond. Clothing, bags, jewelry and floral oils are my passions, and I love sharing beautiful finds with women and men who value the divine nature of adornment, as well as conscious consumerism and slow fashion. Adornment as a spiritual practice. Beauty from the inside out.

It is time to celebrate this precious life, step forward with courage and trust, dance and express your unique gifts.

Join me on this journey of love and adventure. I am here to support, guide, and inspire you forward, dear one.

I welcome you.