Month: February 2008

Gratitude for Health

This past week was a very difficult one, full of humbling and trying moments for sure. After a very successful performance at Mai’s Cafe last Saturday, we felt exhausted. We had been pushing and pushing and going and going, and our bodies finally could take it no more. Sunday night Budhi was tossing and turning […]

Dance Class Schedule

Here is my current dance class schedule for Feb/Mar 2008. I will also be teaching West African Dance at the Santa Barbara Athletic Club on Saturday, March 1 from 11:30-12:30 p.m.! Click on the poster to enlarge the information.

Care for your FEET!

I remember when I began taking Odissi dance classes with Hemalayaa Behl last year. This was about the time that I decided to really commit to dance, and Odissi, a classical Indian dance, was a great challenge for me. In Odissi we stomp our feet and there is a beautiful sounding “slap!” that an experienced […]