Month: November 2009

3rd Annual Winter Solstice Celebration and Fundraiser

Please join us for another incredible Winter Solstice event. The community continues to expand and grow, and we are so grateful for the support, love, and dedication. Help us continue our educational programs in the schools by attending or donating!!!

Fighting Winter Blues!!

I don’t know about any of you, but right now I am experiencing so much greatness and opportunities for growth…and at the same time fighting the winter blues. I come from the midwest, and now live in gorgeous Santa Barbara, CA. So who am I to complain? No matter where you live, however, the shorter […]

Don’t eat me. I love you!

Instead of eating a turkey this year for Thanksgiving, why not adopt one!!! For more info, visit here: From the Farm Sanctuary Website: Factory FarmingPacked by the thousands inside huge, factory farm warehouses, female turkeys raised for slaughter in the U.S. are typically allotted one square foot of space per bird, while toms are […]