Month: August 2011

gratitude, gratitude, gratitude

Today I am extremely grateful. Grateful for my body all healed and happy to be dancing, teaching, and doing what I love to do most…sharing music and dance with amazing folks in this community! Grateful for the sunshine, gentle breezes, and for my mom’s successful triple bypass surgery! The past few weeks have been intense, […]

transformation can be a pain in the a*#

The topic of surrender has been in my vocabulary a lot lately. Surrender means trusting in the process and getting out of my own way. Surrender means letting go of what doesn’t serve me anymore; clearing away and allowing. Allowing what is to be just what it is. Allowing the good to come through. Transformation has […]

celebrate your essence

Today I ask you to celebrate the essence of who you really are. You are…Not your job.Not your hair color.Not your salary. Who are you, at your core? No matter what mistakes you’ve made in your life, underneath all of it is a spirit. A glowing, shining, beautiful soul in human form. One who seeks […]