Month: November 2011

Abundance For All

Sending this out into the universe and using it as a message to you and to MYSELF as well… There is enough for everyone.  It is time to start rejoicing in the successes of our contemporaries, “competitors” and so-called “enemies”. Let their success act as fuel to get your act more together; inspiration to be […]

In Gratitude

Welcome back to me. Yes, I’m back blogging again. I took a little break and am feeling so grateful for all of it… Here is my Thanksgiving Weekend Gratitude Shout Out!! In Gratitude……for your love, your dance, your drum, your spirit…for the way in which you give me generous hugs and encouragement…for the way you […]

My Bollywood Top 10

O.k. you’ve been asking for it. Yes, you! Since being introduced to Bollywood dance and movies 3 or 4 years ago, I have watched over 30 films and while I still have a ways to go I want to share some of my favorites. Keep in mind that the majority of the movies I have […]