Month: April 2013

Why dance?

What are the benefits? How do you feel after you’ve spent and hour or more dancing? What happens to your cells and your muscles? What happens to your mood? Close your eyes and contemplate these questions for a moment. What images, sensations, and ideas come up for you? I would love to hear what dance […]

Joy Now…a practice, a meditation.

The older I get, the more I realize and embrace the power I have to create my experience. I cannot completely control what happens to me and to those around me, but I can control how I choose to react and what I choose to feel in any given moment. I can choose to focus […]

In moments of darkness…breathe.

In moments of darkness, fear, disgust, sadness, overwhelm…close your eyes.  Breathe into your center and remember that you are love and you are loved.  Breathe out.  Feel the pain and allow it to speak/sing to you and move through your entire body.  Then, breathe in and allow the light in.  Breathe out and imagine the […]

My Solstice Journey

In the summer of 2000, just a little less than one year of living in California, I was in my very first SB Solstice Parade. My new boyfriend, Budhi Harlow, was the lead drummer for Vanessa Isaac’s dance classes and performance troupe and I was invited to perform in the parade with her and her […]

Gratitude from an April Fool

Today, I am grateful for… My legs for running, jumping and dancing. California sunshine. Low tide. Sea birds. Kelp beds. Green smoothie medicine (kale, banana, dates, walnuts, hemp seeds, water, maca) A sweet, loving, supportive partner and man in my life. Amazing parents, siblings, cousins, uncles and aunts. Grandma Fritzie. Girlfriends. Adorable pet children. Leggings. […]