Month: July 2013

Motivation. You got it?

Yesterday my beloved asked me a very important question. “What motivates you?” I was surprised with my answer and how fast I was able to articulate it. I thought about the why’s of what I do. Why do I teach?Why to I travel?Why do I dance and drum and sing?Why do I prioritize spiritual and […]

Joy. Cultivate & Share it!

Greetings love beings of dance, drum, song and vitality! I am writing this on a warm Sunday evening and feeling all kinds of emotions and sensations. Here are a few for ya: Gratitude. Filled up.Inspiration. Sore and fatigued. Happy.Light.Heavy. Moved. I love feeling the contrast all at once. (I don’t always love it, but in […]

Bring on the Ease!

At the center of our being, at the core of us… …we are: Ease.Grace.Peace. Generosity.Softness.Love. When things heat up (like the temperature, our tempers, our libidos, etc)…we can forget to listen to our body signals. We can push and play and push and play and be everything for everyone and give and express and create […]