Month: March 2015

40 wisdom bits & truth testimonies for life

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In my 40 short years on this planet, I’ve realized some pretty awesome truths. Now these are declarations of truths that speak to me and my experience. Your truths may be completely different than mine based on your experience. By sharing these truths and wisdom bits with you, I invite you to find and identify […]

Why I’m not doing the SB Summer Solstice Parade this year…

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Beloved community and friends ~ The Summer Solstice Parade and Festival in Santa Barbara has been a huge part of my life since moving to SB in 1999. I have so much gratitude, love, and respect for the folks who put on the best party of the year. I’ve drummed my heart out behind the […]

You ARE the special sauce.

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Have you ever found yourself wondering… “What is the secret to….?” “What is the best way to…?” “How do I finally let this go?” “When I get in shape / make enough money / get over my fears, I will….” “This better be my saving grace…” “I just need to find the right….” Stop. Just, […]