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In order for the Universe to co-create with us and answer our desires, we must believe with every cell of our being in what we want, in our principles, morals, and stories about life.

We must believe that we are worthy of our desires.

Take a good look at where you might be sending mixed messages. Notice if there is any anxiety or tension as you say them aloud. Go into those feelings and investigate. Find out where they come from. Whose stories are they? Start telling a new story.

Learn to catch yourself when you enter a state of negativity. Ask yourself, ‘What is this psychological state causing me to say about myself?’ Practice moving from this state to a statement – to a declaration of truth about who and what you really are. ~ Michael Bernard Beckwith



How do we align ourselves with what we desire? One of my mentors teaches that we should look at our lives the way an airplane pilot navigates through the air.

It’s called course correction.

The majority of the time, those amazing pilots are actually course correcting. Life is about being in balance and then out of balance and then back again. We course correct by being extremely mindful and aware of our thoughts, actions and deeds.

We forgive ourselves when we fall off. We forgive ourselves for being human.

We align with our truth through every choice we make.

Am I living in alignment with my highest truth and deepest desires by making this choice? Am I surrounding myself with people who uplift, inspire and support my truth? Does this food I am eating align with the vision I hold for my body as a temple of health and well-being?

Align yourself with that which you desire most. Course correct as you notice yourself floating off the path. Be gentle. Be patient. Be kind.

Old habits, thoughts and beliefs aren’t easy to shake. Remember to come back to your center and align with your truth.

I align myself with people who support my growth. If you meet someone whose soul is not aligned with yours, send them love and move along. ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer



My entire year is devoted to embodiment. Here is an excerpt on my first post of 2015 (The Year of Embodiment):

Why embodiment?
Recently my man and I watched an amazing talk by one of my spiritual heroes, Wayne Dyer.
He said that you attract what you are. Not what you want. What you are.
To embody is to be an expression of or give a tangible or visible form to (an idea, quality, or feeling).
If I want to experience all of my core desired feelings listed above, I must BE them.

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What do you want? Be that. Be the abundance that you desire. Be the love that you want. Be the clarity that you seek. Make it a daily practice to embody your desires by taking small steps every day to become that which you want.

I believe in you!