Dear Beauty,

I write you from the top of Jaisalmer Fort, in a restaurant called “Little Tibet”. The view is spectacular. Any rooftop restaurant or Haveli or Hotel in this fort has epic views, and this city is bustling with tourists (Indian and foreign), motorbikes, rickshaws, taxis, buses, pigeons taking flight…there is an energy here that feels vibrant, alive, magical.

Yesterday we took an 8-hour bus ride across the desert to reach Jaisalmer, from my beloved hometown of Pushkar. We spent 6 lovely days and 5 nights in Pushkar, and it is always my great joy to share Pushkar with people. The temples, lake, shopping, people charmed our group! We drummed with my Nagara drum teacher, had a special and intimate puja on the lake, visited the only Brahma temple in the world, and celebrated New Year’s Eve (with sparklers and traditional Rajasthani food) on the rooftop of my friend’s hotel.

Back to Jaisalmer. You definitely feel like you are traveling into no-man’s-land as this part of Rajasthan is quite sparse…with only a few villages and townships. Once you enter Jaisalmer region, you can feel the energy start to build. The fort towers over the city and is visible several kilometers away as you approach.

There is something about this place. Perhaps because it feels like an oasis place, and because the fort and palace date back 800 years. The structures, architecture, intricate detail in the stonework is captivating and from another time.


To be here in India right now is exactly where I want to be.

I have been here since Nov 24. I was flying over the ocean as Thanksgiving day came and went. Christmas Eve and Day passed by without much notice, yet I was able to feel into the magic of this time of year – far removed from the craziness of the holiday season back home. To appreciate and remember who and what I’m grateful for, the life I’ve created for myself, and the amazing connections I have all over the globe.

I fully enjoyed my time in South India (Mysore, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) and will be returning every year there to co-lead a retreat and tour with my sweet friend and business partner, Aparna Khanolkar.

Following our North Indian tour, I return to my home of Pushkar for 3 months. I will be immersed in Odissi dance with my teacher and fellow Shakti School of Dance students. In mid-April and into May I will journey up into the Himalayan mountains to cool off in the green, lush, land as the rest of India heats up for summer.

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Future Tours and Retreats: Plan Ahead!

Summer Natya Yoga Retreat in Michigan with Lisa & Aparna JUNE 18-22

Join me and Aparna Khanolkar for 4 days of dance, yoga, meditation, pranayama, puja, mantra chanting and more in a beautiful retreat and spirituality center. Capuchin Retreat is located on 95 acres of gentle meadows and quiet woodland in Macomb County, Michigan.

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Back to India

In December 2018, we will be offering a one-week retreat followed by a one-week Kerala tour. We will make it possible for women to join both offerings, or just the tour or retreat.

And for the third year in a row, my other tour business partner, Kathy Hayden will co-lead another North Indian Women’s Tour in late Dec through late January 2019.

More info and registration details here