How do we be brave and courageous in the face of so much? Just. So. Much.

How do we soften our heart when it seems like it is breaking…shattering…more and more?

How do we focus on the good and enjoy our lives while so many are suffering around us?

How do we stop worrying and projecting fears when our leaders do not align with our values?

How do we hold our inner world up when it seems as if our outer world is crumbing down?

This is what I do. What I try to do.
We can try. And see.

Baby steps.

One breath.
At a time.

One moment.
At a time.

One day.
At a time.

We look deeper inside.
We find the gold.

We find the places that want to heal and transform.
We give them careful and loving attention.

We sit with all of it.
The emotions. The fears.

We notice the patterns.
We look in the mirror.

We take care of our basic needs.

And then we take extra care of our hearts. Our bodies. Our souls.

By walking in the sunshine.
Sharing a nourishing meal with our loved ones.
Dancing and making music.

More and more, we walk our talk.
We check in with ourselves and notice the thoughts.
We notice our language and the stories we tell.
We. Simply. Notice.

We reach out. We help out. We choose to be kinder.
We align with others to co-create more beauty on this planet.
We join forces with organizations that are making waves and spreading light.

We pray. Meditate. Practice. Sadhana.

We use our inner guidance system.
We trust our intuition.
We trust in the power of love.

We decide not to take one moment for granted.
We decide not to obsessively watch and listen…to the media…to voices…of fear, damnation, darkness.
We decide to make that phone call, write that letter, complete that task.

Make connections. Make contact. Move forward.

Baby steps.

We make necessary changes (big and small) that bring us closer to our truth. Our values.

Be brave. It is who you really are.

This brave new world?

It begins with you. It begins with me.