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“Life is hard.”
“Life sucks.”
“Life is a struggle.”
“No one ever said this would be easy.”

Have you ever heard someone utter these phrases? Have you ever said them? We all have.

At times it feels that these statements are absolutely true.

We can get to a place where there seems to be no relief, no answers, no support. I shared about my own experience with this in a recent post.

Deep down we know the truth. Deep down, the light and that love is alive.

While this life is a great mystery, it is also filled with truth and clarity.

Check into your center of truth, the well of love and light that exists in you. What does it tell you?

Mine says that life doesn’t have to be as difficult as we make it. It can pose challenges and give us detours along the way, but when we cultivate a greater sense of ease and grace we let go of the struggle mentality.

One of my favorite b-day cards from my amazing aunt Barb sums it up well:

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She reminded me of what I already believe and know…

When we believe that good things are on the way and that something wonderful is about to happen, we come into alignment with our higher self and our natural state of ease.

So how do we let go of the struggle and bring on more ease and grace?

We start by practicing. We start now. We start with the little things. I’m going to give you three little assignments that are short and easy and that you can do at any time.

Assignment #1: Meditation for Monotonous Tasks and To Do’s


The next time you do the dishes, sweep the floors or do any kind of tidying up, make it intentional and filled with presence and grace.

Take deep conscious breaths. Be graceful and calm in your movements. Play soothing music and move in rhythm as you set to your task.

Make the experience a moving meditation.

Assignment #2: Observe Thyself (getting places & interacting with busy environments)

distracted-driving-in-trafficThe next time you drive your car or find yourself in a busy and/or crowded situation, focus on the sights and sounds of everything around you and notice them as if you were a child. Be extremely aware of the feel of the steering wheel. Be curious. Breathe deeply. Calm yourself by focusing on what is happening right now. Notice who is in the neighborhood you are driving through (or the street you are walking on). Be present. Let go of the thoughts having to do with where you are trying to get to or what you are doing next.

Tune into the energy and vibration of your surroundings…not with resistance or competition or defensiveness…but with great awe and curiosity. Notice the way you are able to flow through and connect with the trees, people, and sounds when you are being mindful and in the moment.

Assignment #3: Make Peace with Disappointment

The next time something doesn’t go your way, be curious about the greater purpose. Make a conscious choice to make peace of the situation.

My Story

A few years back I was invited to perform with my students for a very special event in Santa Barbara. We performed our hearts out but were treated very poorly by the organizers. I felt completely disrespected and very angry and hurt. I asked myself “why?” so many times. Why did that have to happen? Why weren’t the organizers more…organized? Why me?

About a month later I received an e-mail from a woman who saw that performance. She loved it and wanted us to perform at her event in a nearby city. I met with her and immediately felt a soul connection. We performed and we were not only respected, but were so welcomed and loved up by the audience that I began teaching in that city and have connected with so many amazing people since then. We were asked back this year and I met even more amazing women and gained new students from it as well.

The initial disappointment, shock and questions of “why me?” now make sense. I see that we were supposed to be at that dreaded event so that I could connect with a woman who would become an amazing soul sister and who would introduce me to a brand new community.

What are you currently going through that feels yucky? Can you imagine looking back on this someday with understanding and gratitude? Perhaps not. Sometimes things happen to us that make no sense. Sometimes we don’t come to a place of understanding – but I do believe that every thing that happens is part of what makes us who we are.

Cultivate Relief Now: A Guided Meditation

If you are in the middle of a conflict or difficult situation, do a little self-love work right now. Close your eyes and imagine your problem or issue as a blob of dark red and brown and black muckiness. Notice where this muck tends to hang out with you in your body. Imagine a luminous blue ball of light at your heart center and allow that light to penetrate out into all areas of the body. Focus that light on the muck. Imagine it going into this ball of frustration/pain/disappointment…clearing, cleansing and purifying it. Imagine that ball of muck dissolving.

Let’s do it together right now.