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When surrender is the only option

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Dear heart ~ Last week I was knocked down by intense low back pain. Dance, my favorite thing in this world, became something I dreaded. During the worst of it, walking across the room took a huge amount of effort and deep conscious breathing. My hips and legs felt like they didn’t belong on my [...]

Happy B-day to me! And some BIG news…

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Dear Dream Maker ~ Happy Happy Day! Today is my b-day and I am overflowing with gratitude and JOY. Each one of you is a blessing, a gift in my life. You have touched me in one way, shape, or form…whether it was in one dance class, performance, via my website, or through social media. [...]

I am the River

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I choose to flow.   Moving around the boulders and breaks of my mind.   I choose to flow.   Caressing, dancing with the currents of life.   I choose to flow.   Allowing spontaneity and surprise to tickle my spine and not throw me off center.   I choose to flow.   Taking deep [...]

Of the earth. Of the sky.

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This is love: to fly toward a secret sky, to cause a hundred veils to fall each moment. First to let go of life. Finally, to take a step without feet. ~ Rumi   Dear Beloved ~ I love this Rumi poem. I love the idea of taking a step without feet. To fly towards [...]

Truly Madly Deeply. Thank you, India.

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Sweet friend ~ I have been dreading this post. Words. What are words? How can one put such a profound experience into mere words? Yet I feel that if I do not write about this, the memories and moments that live in my heart may fade; and the ocean of love that I am currently [...]

Melting into softness. Embracing the season of darkness.

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It hit us like a ton of bricks. The dry, cool and dark winter came and smacked us upside the head on Sunday and Monday of last week. A near 20 degree drop in temperature. Dark by 5:30 p.m. My skin parched like a dried raisin. Hair full of static. Lips cracked. A wave of heavy energy swept over [...]

Discomfort. Our most powerful teacher. Listen closely.

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  Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy. ~ Nicholas Sparks Last week I was scolded. I experienced a moment of rebellion mixed with poor judgement. I acted with good intentions but also a little ignorance and naïveté. I was then confronted by a woman who would have none of it. I felt raw. Misunderstood. Very shaken [...]

Follow the path

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Follow the path…of your heart. You might not know exactly where it leads. It is enticing, scary, exciting. Follow the path. You may have to compromise, change, give things up. You may have to lose parts of yourself. Shedding is necessary. Follow the path. Staying put or turning back might suffocate or crush you. You [...]

Enjoy the ride.

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“I feel like I should be doing more.” I uttered these words to my beloved recently and sort of choked on them as they spewed from my mouth. I know better than that. But words like these haunt me and taunt me from time to time. Old stories. Baggage. Voices from the past.  When there [...]