Ventura Rocks!

We had an incredible day on Sunday at the Ventura Street Fair. Konkoba performed two sets, one at 10 a.m. and the other at 12:30 p.m. The morning set was a great warm-up for us, and the crowd was a little sleepy but still very appreciative and attentive. The afternoon set was magical…the crowd absolutely […]

Up with the Sun!

This morning I woke at 6:30 a.m. This is early for me (these days). I had the very strong urge to get on my running gear and go for an early morning jog. I laid there for a while, contemplating this idea…then, I did it. I listened to my body and shot out the door […]

Brazilian Dance Inspiration!

O.k., I know I’m going wild on this blogger thing…two posts in one day! But I just can’t help myself! This morning I took an incredible dance class with the AMAZING Vanessa Isaac. She recently sprained her ankle and was very tired from not enough sleep, but managed to teach the BEST class!!! We danced […]

Bring it On!

This weekend has been very interesting. My body is starting to feel the change in seasons ~ and I feel myself slowing down. Now, this is not a bad thing, but lately it seems that I cannot decide what to eat. Then when I eat, I feel heavy and bloated. The only time I feel […]


“I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances within our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”~Joseph Campbell Last night I had a wonderful conversation with my mother…my wise and […]

A Performance to Remember…

This Saturday, Konkoba and Panzumo will be pouring out their energy, love, light, and magnificence at Pulse Drumming…for a Performance to Remember… We invite all beings to come and witness the magic and mystery of West African drum and dance ~ in this intimate and very sacred space. I see a large group of happy, […]

Calling the perfect dance studio!!!

I am calling out to the universe to help me attract the most beautiful dance studio space to hold my Santa Barbara class. A space that has great energy and light, and where we can introduce the live drums at some point in the future. This space will be home for my dance class and […]

Dance Class Update!

After another amazing dance class at Golden Tree Yoga in SB last night, I found out that they are giving up their lease and moving on. So, I need to find a new space to hold the class asap. This is probably a good thing, as we need a space that can accommodate live drumming […]

You ARE what you eat!

Yesterday was an amazing day. I had a great yogalates class, and Budhi and I got a lot of work done for our business. We are making contact with a lot of people and organizations who are very interested in what we do. I taught a voice lesson to my student and she did so […]

Dance to Health

I had another inspiring dance class in Ventura last night and am so blown away by my students! I love that they love to dance with me – and to the incredible live drumming! They come from different backgrounds and circumstances – all different shapes, sizes, ages and abilities – yet they are all flushed […]