Dance to Health

I had another inspiring dance class in Ventura last night and am so blown away by my students! I love that they love to dance with me – and to the incredible live drumming! They come from different backgrounds and circumstances – all different shapes, sizes, ages and abilities – yet they are all flushed […]

Dance Inspirations…

“Dance is your pulse, your heartbeat, your breathing. It’s the rhythm of your life. It’s the expression in time and movement, in happiness, joy, sadness and envy.” ~Jaques D’ambroise On with the dance! let joy be unconfined;No sleep till morn, when Youth and Pleasure meetTo chase the glowing hours with flying feet.~George Gordon, Lord Byron, […]

Halloween Pick-Me-Up!

This morning I felt very blah…you know that blah feeling where you desperately need something to help get you started on a better note…something to help turn you around so that the rest of your day is uplifting – instead of depressing! Yesterday I was on cloud nine and feeling so blessed and grateful, and […]

Water – Part II

In my Yogalates class today I had visions. It was at the end when I was laying in savasana (after an incredible workout). First I had sensations of warmth and tingling all around my heart center and head. I felt so vibrant and happy all of a sudden. I had a vision (one I have […]

Grateful for Teachers

Yesterday we took back to back djembe drumming workshops with Dibo Camara and our friend Dramane Kone. The workshops were full of challenging rhythms and solo parts. They were both advanced classes and pushed everyone beyond their comfort zone. I had an interesting time participating in and simultaneously observing myself and others – specifically our […]

Water is LIFE!

Living in Southern California has so many amazing benefits – ocean, mountains, warm weather, healthy lifestyle, great food, art, culture…I could go on and on. But we are also prone to floods, earthquakes, and FIRE. The Zaca fire this summer, and now the fires in San Diego and surrounding areas have really put things into […]

Ventura Dance Class

Last night was my first Tuesday dance class at Pulse Drumming. It was so fun! We started out with the very aerobic and lively “Soli” and everyone was hot and sweaty after about 10 minutes of dance. We ended with “Djole” and the drummers were on fire! Everyone clapped and cheered at the end and […]

Full Days – Full Hearts!

For the past several weeks, Budhi and I have been doing an average of 2-3 gigs on the weekends – our record was 3 gigs in one day! While this can seem insane, it has been absolutely wonderful! On Friday night I taught my dance class, lasting 2 hours in prep for our Saturday performance. […]

Healthy Body for Dance!

During the past few months I have thrown myself into dance, yoga, and pilates will FULL force. I feel so hungry for all forms of movement for inspiration, ideas, and to get my body in “dancer shape”. Well, my body is used to walking and hiking, not jumping, twisting, crunching, twirling, flailing, sweeping, hopping, and […]

Today’s Inspirations

Greetings! This morning I had fun making a collection of inspiring quotes from some of our greatest teachers of today and yesterday. Here is what I have so far: “In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” -Deepak Chopra “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” -Dalai Lama “When one […]