The Fullness of Woman

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Dear Beauty, Regardless of your gender, can you embrace the fullness of woman? Her inner and outer beauty as well as her “flaws”? I have been reflecting on all aspects of woman this past week. Perhaps it is because I’m surrounded by them every day all day in my dance school. Women of all ages […]

Happy New Year from Rajasthan

Dear Beauty, I write you from the top of Jaisalmer Fort, in a restaurant called “Little Tibet”. The view is spectacular. Any rooftop restaurant or Haveli or Hotel in this fort has epic views, and this city is bustling with tourists (Indian and foreign), motorbikes, rickshaws, taxis, buses, pigeons taking flight…there is an energy here […]

The biggest gift (and lesson) of my life

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Look back upon your life. What issue, or challenge, has repeated itself over and over again (in different ways and a variety of flavors)? Have you transcended and moved beyond the lesson that has repeated itself in your life (sometimes by hitting you over the head)? Are you just now recognizing it? Are you sick […]

5 Travel Tips for Women traveling in India

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As many of you reading this know, India is my second home. I fell madly in love with this place at the beginning of 2016 and have journeyed back to her 3 times since – spending a total of 7 and 1/2 months. I’m preparing to leave for an epic 6 month adventure on her […]

A Brave New World.

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How do we be brave and courageous in the face of so much? Just. So. Much. How do we soften our heart when it seems like it is breaking…shattering…more and more? How do we focus on the good and enjoy our lives while so many are suffering around us? How do we stop worrying and […]

Ushering in the Feminine

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The time is now. To bring forth and embody more beauty, opulence, and light. To usher in the divine feminine…with every thought, word and deed. To be softer. To be kinder and gentler with ourselves and our lives. To stand in our shakti and not be afraid to shine. To honor ourselves and the wellspring […]

My Summer of Lightness

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This photo represents my lightness of being. When I took it, I was in Manali, India…reclining on a large boulder while my friends rock hopped up the creek. I gazed up at the blue sky and the clouds, listening to the water gush and the wind gently blow through the trees. I hadn’t done this […]

Be Adorned.

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Dear Beauty, I am reposting this blog entry from 2012 as it received a lot of love back then and it is even more relevant to my life and work today as I continue to inspire and be inspired by adornment. From the people around me… my students, teachers, fellow artists, to simply walking down […]

Cool, calm and connected.

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Across the World: My Half-Year in India Travel Blog #4: April 21, 2017 I’ve had the urge to write for quite some time. I was going to create a beautiful pre-birthday blog. Didn’t happen. I was going to write a re-cap of my magical Odissi training in Pushkar, ending with a dream-come-true performance on April […]

Oh, India!

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Across the World: My half-year in India Travel Blog #3. March 6, 2017 This land continues to bless me, challenge me, inspire me, and bring forth more of my truth. I am in love with her people, animals, land, food, music, dance, rich cultures and spiritual wisdom. I am challenged at times by her seeming […]