We are so thrilled to welcome back our teacher, Colleena Shakti, for a day of dance! 

Sept 3, 10 am – 4 pm

Classical Odissi Dance + Theory Class + Indian Fusion Belly Dance

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Schedule of our day:

Part I ~ Odissi Classical Indian Dance: 10 am – 12 pm

Colleena-Shakti_FounderOdissi is one of India’s 8 classical dance styles. It is steeped in devotional sentiment and is linked to the temple dance traditions of its homeland – Orissa, India.

This beginning workshop will offer students the chance to experience classical Indian dance training methods and basic techniques such as mudras, footwork, isolated body movements, postures, gaze and short compositions.

The day will begin with a Vinyasa Krama Yoga practice, which includes asana and pranayama.  From there we will move on to traditional training exercises and technique practice. The workshop will conclude with a performance by Colleena and others.

The dance technique is precise and rigorous so some fitness is required. Immense inspiration is found with even just a taste of this dance!

** Lunch Break: 12-1 pm **

Part II ~ Theory Class 1-2 pm

History, culture, philosophy of Indian Dance and Art

Part III ~ Indian Fusion Belly Dance: 2-4 pm

0208ec9b031cb204eebd18325579b75dIndian Fusion Drills, Techniques and Combinations 

Learn Colleena’s trademark style Indian Fusion Belly Dance broken down into techniques and drilled, then woven together into several phrases.  Inspired by dance poses found in Indian sculpture, painting and classical dance, and integrating details of Indian classical dance, with earthy, strong, fluid belly dance Colleena will share movements that offer a sweet combination of aesthetics to create that elegant Indian mood.

Level:  All levels  – Some Belly Dance experience is recommended but not mandatory. Colleena offers online instruction and introductory techniques on Datura Online –

Location: Gustafson Dance Studio (State Street Ballet)  2285 Las Positas Road in Santa Barbara

Cost of Workshop: $100 for 5 hours of training

**Absolutely NO refunds or exchanges**

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What to wear and bring:

**Odissi** includes yoga practice so please bring a yoga mat and wear yoga attire (or your Odissi practice wear – for the more advanced students). Make sure that you don’t wear baggy pants or bell bottom style of leggings. Fitted leggings down to the ankle is preferred so Colleena can see your feet as you dance.

**Indian Fusion Belly Dance** wear your belly dance practice wear as desired or yoga clothes are great too.

Please bring water bottle. There are water fountains at the studio to fill up as needed.

Great places for lunch in the area:

Lazy Acres Natural Foods Market (302 Meigs Road), Gelson’s Grocery (3305 State St), Whole Foods Market (3761 State St)


About Colleena


Colleena Shakti has dedicated her life to dance ever since moving to India in 2001 to undergo intensive training in Odissi Classical Indian dance, as well as to research and document Rajasthani folk dances, music and jewelry traditions.

She has had the great fortune to study under some of India’s greatest living masters for more than 15 years, and continues to dig deeper in the philosophies and practices, which tie Indian dance to the path of Yoga. Colleena is committed to honoring her dance lineages and preserving traditional and quickly disappearing art forms of India, while balancing her work with innovation and self-expression through her approach in Fusion Belly Dance. Many who seek her instruction find a gentle bridging of Eastern and Western thought in the structured dance training and reflective philosophical teachings.

She lives most of the year in Rajasthan, India where she has founded Shakti School of Dance in the historical Rang Nath temple in the holy town of Pushkar, while in summer months she tours, performing and teaching worldwide.

Drawing from her in-depth study of Indian artistic traditions, classical Odissi and Kathak dance forms, Kalaripayattu (South Indian martial arts), Rajasthani folk and tribal dances, her strong background in belly dance and the rigor of her practice as a dedicated yogini, dancer, teacher and performer, Colleena offers students a rich and holistic workshop curriculum.


Cancellation Policy: Absolutely no refunds or exchanges.