Nrityagram Dance Ensemble

Have you ever had an experience that left you feeling as if you’d been completely rearranged inside and out?

Then memories and impressions from that experience proceed to seep through every moment of your waking day…and even color your dreams at night with vibrance and electricity?

I had one of those experiences last week as I witnessed complete and pure perfection of body devotion in the form of the Nrityagram Dance Ensemble.

Captivating. Alluring. Mesmerizing. Haunting.

My desire to practice and study this dance form has only deepened. My longing for devotional dance has intensified.

This longing…to connect to my body in a way that creates even more connection, excellence, focus, devotion, precision, beauty and power.

To dissolve those parts of my ego that say I have to “get” somewhere or “be” something more.


We just come to our practice.

Over and over again.



As a performer, the intention, first and foremost, is not to wow the audience with skill and athleticism. It is not about creating a separation between performer and viewer. (I can do this and you cannot)

It is to create connection, awaken something that might have been sleeping or dormant.

Inspire the audience to reach inside himself or herself and reveal more truth and beauty.

To contemplate possibility. Touch their own excellence. To leave them wanting more…from life, from self, from the mystery.

As a lover, student, teacher and supporter of dance…I cannot tell you the BLISS I feel when a performance takes me to these places.

And as an audience member last Thursday night, I have been reborn again.

May you continue to grow and move and be reborn again through movement and expression.

And, my darling, may you DANCE yourself open. Dance yourself free!