dramadropIt’s time…to drop it. To consciously let go of the the drama, distractions, silly stories and excuses about why we cannot move forward.

It’s time to come back to your center. Again and again. Keep returning home.

This is a conscious daily practice. It was never supposed to be easy. Get used to the uncomfortableness. And, get used to making your life SPECTACULAR on a regular basis.

Don’t waiver in your determination towards your unique greatness. Tweet: Don't waiver in your determination towards your unique greatness. http://ctt.ec/CE3SO+ @lisabeckliving

Don’t allow the distractions and dramas of others to drag you around and keep you living small.

Stop worrying about them. Stop draining your energy because of things that are outside of you.

Start focusing MORE on what turns you on and what you are here to share and give the world.

Focus on your glorious blossoming. Focus on expressing the essence and beauty that is YOU. This is your job.

Make this year about your full commitment and devotion to clearing your path, clearing your head, caring less about what others think, and listening more to your gut.

Say “goodbye” to the people, stories, habits and things that weigh you down and clog your world.

Clear the obstacles.

Confidence. Clarity. Creativity.

That is YOU.

Keep going. I believe in you!


“If you knew who walks beside you on the way that you have chosen, fear would be impossible.”

~ A Course in Miracles