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About your guides

Asura has always has been passionate about listening to and playing music ever since she was a little girl. She studied voice, sang in a school chorus, and played trumpet in the marching band. Although she never become a professional singer, she rediscovered the joy of playing with sound by singing silly songs with small children during her 8 years of early childhood education. Then, Asura became a massage therapist, where she learned the wonders of the human body and mind. After 13 years as a bodyworker, her interest progressed to energy medicine, and there, she fell in love with the world of sound healing. She quickly started to search for her own sound healing style through self study and taking workshops with mentors and experts in the field. Asura enjoys every opportunity to introduce and share the joy and unlimited possibility of sound as a path to healing and enrichment.


Lisa is a dancer, performer, and teacher and believes that every person benefits tremendously from dance and movement. Engaging our bodies, hearts and souls in dance is one of the most healing practices we can do.

Trained in Classical Indian and West African Dance for over a decade, Lisa has gained incredible strength, poise, grace and stamina in her body…and loves to inspire and challenge her students to help them reach higher than they think possible in their dance. Freestyle and intuitive movement is a beautiful opportunity to express our story, using life experiences and connecting to the melodies and rhythms that move us. She is excited to share in this dance with you.