During the past few months I have thrown myself into dance, yoga, and pilates will FULL force. I feel so hungry for all forms of movement for inspiration, ideas, and to get my body in “dancer shape”. Well, my body is used to walking and hiking, not jumping, twisting, crunching, twirling, flailing, sweeping, hopping, and all the other movements used in dance and conditioning classes. While my heart and spirit is flying HIGH, my body is saying “what the…?” Tonight I taught a two hour African dance class to prepare some of my dancers for a performance tomorrow. What a workout! And I now really appreciate all the energy it takes to TEACH. I remember being a preschool teacher, engaging and entertaining kids with art, song, movement, story, play and on and on. Now I see how the skills I developed as a preschool teacher are helping me in my dance classes. As a teacher, you are not only dancing, but entertaining, encouraging, and engaging your students along with you. WHEW!!!

I chose to post this beautiful Herb Ritts photograph along with this blog, to help me visualize my back as strong, flexible – especially with all of the new movements it is experiencing. My back seems to be taking on a lot of the strain and stress – and it shows me the importance of strengthening my legs and abs – so that my back doesn’t take on more than it can handle!! And I am reminded of the art of teaching – what an amazing skill it is – and the incredible energy it takes! I am honored and blessed to be teaching again, and feeling so grateful for a body that truly communicates to me!!

Here is to a HEALTHY and WHOLE body and being to all of you…