Abundance Mantras LBL
RS Thurston Photography


There is unlimited supply. The universe provides. All of my needs are met.

These are a few mantras I’ve used over the years to help me remember that “lack” is a belief and state of mind.

And when I consider the reality of my life…I have food on the table, clothes on my back, a warm bed to sleep in, a family and community I love…these statements are absolutely true.

So why do I believe the lies that my ego sometimes tells me?

“There is not enough. You are not enough. You don’t have enough. You won’t make it.”  ~ Lisa’s Ego

I was sitting in my morning meditation the other day and the words “mixed messages” kept popping up into my awareness. I journaled on it and got really real with myself.

I realized that the lack mentality I’ve learned and nurtured and ultimately believed in (up until now) over my lifetime stops the flow when I let ego and fear take the reigns.

I can simultaneously think “There is unlimited supply” and in my body feel anxiety and fear about how I’m going to keep the flow of abundance coming in to support myself. I’m totally canceling the truth out.

The Universe doesn’t hold back unless our thoughts and beliefs about lack stop the flow.Tweet: The Universe doesn't hold back unless our thoughts and beliefs about lack stop the flow. http://bit.ly/1BBq4qX @lisabeckliving

Now of course there are outside circumstances and forces that co-create with us. These we cannot always control. Our job is clean up and clear up our thoughts and beliefs so that we align with and embody the truth.

So when we say our mantras, whisper our desires to the angels, pray for peace and prosperity for all but still hold on to the belief that there isn’t enough food, water, energy, money, resources, love, support for every being on this planet…well, we get no where.

We bang our heads against the wall. We feel frustrated, stuck and as if no one out there is listening. We ask “Does this manifestation, law of attraction, visioning stuff really work?” 

From time to time we do see progress, witness magic and miracles, manifest amazing experiences, grow, heal, transform. Because thank GODDESS we have moments where the truth penetrates every cell and we believe, we align, and we embody. 

These three magical words and qualities will open us up to the good that is trying to manifest.

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