Inspired by Classical Indian, Middle Eastern, and lyrical dance styles, this dance is  graceful and meditative yet fluid and deliberately studded with devotional and dynamic body movements that leave you feeling the rhythm and pulse of life coursing through your body.

For all levels, but geared towards those with prior dance experience.


I am currently traveling in India and Europe until the summer of 2019. Stay tuned for special Bollywood and Indian Fusion dance workshops in Santa Barbara and Ojai next year.

I feel more fluid and flowing in my movements. This flow seems to spill over into my emotional body as well. I feel more balanced, more centered while and after dancing. It’s almost as if I sat in meditation for an hour. But without the stiff or sore body. ~ Nia LaVoy

Grace is a richness that takes discipline to cultivate. (This) dance has trained me to feel the grace in my body and in my heart. And that feminine grace is taken into my life easily. ~ Aparna Sherman

(This dance) is helping wake up my languorous curves, helping me explore my form in an empowering and graceful way. ~ Safron Rossi


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