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Through dance, breath, meditation, and chanting, we engage the brain and body and access parts of ourselves ready to be awakened and set free. I invite you to join me on this journey towards greater vitality and joy-filled living! I support you as you step further into the truth of who you are.

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DANCE – Embodiment of Divinity and Devotion

An ardent dancer of many forms for decades, Lisa travels regularly to India to imbibe the richness of the Motherland. She is a devoted Odissi Classical Indian dance student of Shakti School of Dance with Colleena Shakti and the creator of an unique style of Indian fusion. She is a prolific teacher and choreographer and a dynamic performer who travels the world to study, teach, and be a bridge for East and West. More info here

TRAVEL – Expanding our understanding of self, the world, and our connection to all 

I take women to India (Rajasthan, Rishikesh, Amritsar, Mysore, Kerala) – to visit temples, forts, palaces, experience camel tours, pujas and rituals, traditional dance and music; and to Greece – for more temples, ruins, swimming, nourishing food, music and dance! More info here

ADORNMENT – Celebration of Life and Beauty

I curate and design unique one-of-a-kind items from India and beyond. Jewelry, clothing, bags, oils and more. In the spirit of celebration and all things beauty (inside and out). I carefully select hand crafted (i.e. embroidered, block print, indigo) items that you will enjoy for years and years. Bridging East and West! Check out my available items in my Etsy shop here

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