Dear child of LOVE ~

I am pleased to remind you today that your job of employment is not your source. Your clients are not your source. Your boss is not your source.

Money is not your source.

Your parents are not your source. Your children are not your source. Your husband/wife/partner/significant other is not your source.

Your drivers license, passport, birth certificate is not your source. Your house is not your source. Your car, cell phone, bed, jewelry, trinkets and toys are not your source.

Love is your source.

The Universe is your source.

Pure light energy is your source.

Whatever name you give it…
“The Divine”

All of these represent the energy and essence of the source of you.

It is where you came from and what birthed you into being. It made the cosmos and it made you in all of your YOUness.

This has been my very biggest lesson in the year 2015 thus far.

Releasing control. Surrendering to the love and light that fuels me. Connecting to it. Embodying and aligning with it. The power that created this glorious life. I bow down and humbly serve in the name of this love.

I let go of the petty thoughts and critical mind that makes me feel small and insignificant. I laugh and giggle when the old habits of comparison and jealousy try to enter into my thoughts. I catch myself almost immediately when I start to go into fear and anxiety around finances, security, the future, etc. Almost immediately (ahem)! Ok maybe a few days…but I do catch myself. That is serious progress.

That fear is not me. That anxiety is not you. None of it belongs to us.

The love that fuels us is infinite. There is more than enough to go around.

Hold the high vision of love as your life. What does it look like? Who in your life resonates with it? How do you carry yourself and serve others from this high vision?

I see you doing and being amazing things in this life. Don’t wait. Be it now.

Be love. It is who you are. Come back to love. It is your home.

I love you!