Awakening Devi: Embodying Your Shakti

~ A Woman’s Retreat in Mysore ~


~ A 7 Day Tour in Beautiful Kerala ~

October 14-28, 2019 

Despite all that you have accomplished, created and experienced in this life, do you feel a lingering sense of helplessness, emotional fatigue, overwhelm and unfulfilled desires?

Are you going through a major transition in life at this time and wish to have greater support and clarity?

Are you unhappy in relationships and are you ready to put total focus on yourself?

Are you willing to be accountable and responsible to yourself while being supported and nurtured by shakti-filled rituals.

Are you willing to surrender and yield to the flow of shakti IN YOU AS YOU?

We believe life is short and precious. Let’s not waste any time. Let’s take full responsiblity for our awakening. Our  healing is healing the world.

We invite you to a unique experience with two yoginis devoted to our highest expansion into joy and we will lead you through carefully curated processes, rituals, and energy building practices to enliven your soul.

If you are ready, do not hesitate for another moment. Join us on this life-changing journey into the divine feminine.

Bring your mother, your daughter, sister, best friend and elevate your human experiences through the embodiment of shakti.

Women are happiest and healthiest when they spend time deepening their connection to other women. Be in sacred sisterhood in the feminine vortex of Mysore, home of one of 51 Shakti Peethas of India.

Relax into the arms of Divine Mother and allow yourself to be nourished by the beauty and unconditional love of Mother India herself.


You will experience and learn daily rituals to embody grace and devotion through

~ PUJA ~  explore Vedic practices honoring divine mother

~ DANCE ~ let the fluidity of our dance practice create more grace in the body 

~ YOGA ~ through asana, breath work and contemplation we experience greater union with the divine

~ MANTRA ~ experience the power of sound vibration through group chanting 

~ MEDITATION ~ awaken your consciousness and dive into your own bliss

~ AYURVEDA ~ learn self-care practices for vitality and beauty


Other retreat highlights:

  • Enjoy morning rituals of creating beautiful flower mandalas for our altar

  • Receive darshan at several devi temples to absorb the energy and blessing of Divine Mother

  • Let the historical city of Mysore expand your idea of beauty and adornment through specially curated experiences to places such as the world famous sandalwood oil factory, Mysore silk factory, etc)

  • Enjoy traditional South Indian cuisine at our farmhouse property as well as hand picked culinary destinations

Retreat Schedule (subject to change) 

We will end our retreat with a very special dinner celebration — plus special surprises for our distinguished guests (you)!

Limited to 10 selected women. Registration opens soon. Price TBA

Includes accommodations, three veg meals per day, entrance fees to all temples, palaces and special events, and all transportation costs during the retreat. Does not include airfare to India. A $500 non-refundable deposit secures your spot.

To begin the registration process please fill out our online application HERE

Accommodations: Shared rooms. Private rooms are available at an additional cost. 

Dates ~ Retreat Oct 14-21 / Kerala Tour Oct 21-28

Swaying palm trees, 600 km of coastline, tea, coffee and spice plantations, national parks, coconut curry served on fresh banana leaves.

This, is Kerala.

Tour Dates: October 21-28

Following our retreat, we invite you on a one-week co-ed tour (bring your partner, husband, friend) of this lush land where we will enjoy famous beaches, visit ancient temples, hike in forests, visit an elephant sanctuary, take a river boat tour and shop to our heart’s delight!

Kerala is considered “God’s Own Country” and one of India’s most serenely beautiful places to visit.

Places on our visit include Cochin, Allepy, and Munnar (plus a few stops in between) to give you a rich experience of this abundant and magical land.

We take care of all of the travel details for you and you are free to sit back, relax and enjoy!

What is included in this package: all transportation within Kerala, accommodations (double shared room), daily breakfast, entrance to all parks, temples, ashrams and the river boat tour

What is not included: airfare to India, daily lunch and dinner, extras like Ayurvedic treatments


Kerala Tour Dates: October 21-28, 2018

This tour is open to both women and men. For questions or general inquiries please email

Please see our cancellation policy

To be considered for our next Retreat and Tour:

  • Fill out the online application HERE

  • Once we have received and reviewed your application, you will be sent more information on next steps in the registration process


About Us

Lisa Beck is a dancer, teacher, designer and yogini who’s greatest joy is helping women connect more to their femininity, grace, courage and power. Whether she is teaching a dance class, leading a tour, designing beautiful adornment pieces or chanting the names of Devi, the ultimate goal is union with the divine…celebration of the divine…embodying the divine.

Lisa first stepped foot on Indian soil Jan 1, 2016 and her world was never the same. This will be her 5th trip to India, and she is deeply connected to this land and her people ~ through her Classical Indian Dance Training, annual tours of both South and North India, this retreat, and studies of yoga and vedic philosophy. She loves being a bridge and connector and is thrilled to welcome you to this transformational retreat in Mysore!


Aparna’s life’s work is to guide women to embody their divinity from within. Celebrating being a woman – in the body, heart and spirit is the foundation of all of her offerings. Honoring Ayurvedic rituals, aligning with Nature’s rhythms, cultivating tenderness in the heartcave and experiencing the non-dual nature of existence is her personal life path, which organically spills over into her work with women.

She is the creator of Ishvari, an Ayurvedic skincare line that uses only pure organic Ayurvedic herbs in products while using ancient Ayurvedic preparation techniques. Aparna is a yogini, classical Indian dancer and a mother of two.

Aparna is originally from Mysore and it is a very special and intimate opportunity for all of us to be immersed in the world that she grew up in. It is an honor and joy for her to share her beloved home city with us.

Following the retreat, join us for a week tour in lush and tropical Kerala! More info here.



1. Is India safe for women travelers?

​Yes. Traveling in India is safe, especially when you are with a group and guides. We are taking you to heavily traveled and touristed places. We don’t recommend walking alone at night, especially as a woman…but this goes for every city and town in the world!

​Read this blog about one woman’s opinion on traveling in India and safety. We coudn’t agree with her more!

Is it Safe for Women to Travel in India?

2. Do you recommend travel insurance?

​Yes. Visit Lonely Planet Travel Insurance Page for info and recommendation

​3. Can we use our cell phone in India?

​The best (and cheapest) thing to do is to keep your phone on airplane mode and enjoy free WiFi calling via Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp. You can always check with your carrier on roaming and international rates. Lisa will have an Indian phone number which you will receive prior to leaving the US.



4. What will the weather be like? How should I dress?

December weather is the beginning of dry season. It will be warm in the day and cooler at night. Bring layers. Here is the lonely planet info on South Indian weather

5. Will I get sick?

It is possible (just like anywhere – think Mexico). Bring any necessary supplements, medications, etc. AND use common sense and your intuition. Don’t drink unfiltered water. Don’t eat veggies washed in unfiltered water. Most hotels and restaurants use filtered water, but ask if you are unsure. Eat mostly cooked food. Don’t drink lassi’s at night (morning is freshest).

Supplements: Lisa recommends Grapefruit seed extract (put a few drops in your water bottle every day) and charcoal pills (for absorbing toxins in the gut). Start taking probiotics (if you don’t already) at least a month ahead.

​A note on food: Indian food will be our staple (mostly vegetarian and ayurvedic).

6. What are the accommodations like?

Very comfortable, clean and quiet dorm-like rooms. Each of you will get your own bed but we will all have shared accommodations.

7. Do we tip in India?

​Yes. Try to always have several 10 and 20 rupee notes, as well as coins to tip when we go out and about. Servers, drivers, etc. make very little money and appreciate any $ gratitude we can offer them as thanks. We usually suggest at least 10%.

8. What is your cancellation policy?

​**Cancellation Policy:

  • If for some reason you need to cancel, you will receive 100% credit towards an upcoming Natya Yoga Retreat (within 2 years) if you cancel 90 days or more prior to the start of our trip
  • You will receive 50% credit towards an upcoming retreat if you cancel 31-90 days prior to the start of our trip
  • 0-30 days cancelation you will receive 0% credit

If by some unforeseen events or happenings we cancel the retreat, we will refund you all deposits and payments. We cannot however compensate you for airfare or travel costs incurred. In the unlikely event that we must cancel due to weather, natural disaster or political upheaval, we cannot guarantee a refund – it will be depending on receiving refunds from the property, taxi companies, etc. To cover these risks we highly recommend you purchase travel insurance (the best way to protect yourself from unforeseen circumstances (like weather, natural disaster, lost baggage, medical expenses, etc).