…who came together to create a big, awesome surprise dance performance for hundreds of unsuspecting guests for a fundraiser at one of the most beautiful locations in Santa Barbara…Lotusland.


They worked so very hard for one month to prepare for this surprise performance.

They came from all walks of life and all backgrounds.

Some were seasoned dancers and others were newbies.


All decided to take the challenge to dive deep into Bollywood-Land. Mudras, hip bumps, shoulder bouces, shimmies and sways…this way and that! A lot of concentration and integration of brand new dance language. A lot of courage…and patience.


Some of them had many other responsibilities and commitments going on at the same time.

July has been an intense month!

Along the way a few of them experienced loss or illness in their family, personal injuries, head colds, stomach bugs, headaches, and I’m sure many of them asked themselves at some point…”what the hell have I gotten myself into?”

But in the end, their collective love of DANCE and high vision to inspire others and spread joy through dance prevailed.

They absolutely rocked it.

They sparkled and shined.

They donned their genie pants, gold sequins, bindis and fake lashes and put on a spectacular show. Bravo!

And their leader learned a hell of a lot.

Much clarity came through this experience.

Much learning and much growth.

And she made many new dance friends.

And she is so grateful for all of it.

My absolutely incredible and amazing Bollywood Flash Mob Dancers for Lotusland Annual Fundraiser. We nailed it!

So how was your July?

Fruitful? Eventful? Challenging? Beautiful? Hot? Humid? Rainy? Stormy? All of the above?

As I move forward into August, I reflect on all that has happened this summer thus far…wow.

Travel, performance, trainings, friendship, growing pains, new life, death & transformation…and I am grateful for all of it.

LIFE IS GOOD. Thank you for being on this journey with me!