What do we really, truly crave? What drives us to do what we do? What inspires us to create, express, celebrate and share?

Is it love? Happiness? Security? Support? Fulfillment? Worthiness? Acceptance? Joy?

I believe our ultimate desire is connection.

Body, heart and soul connection.

Connection to others. Connection to self. Connection to the divine (God, Goddess, Universe, Love Intelligence, Higher Power, insert your favorite word here).

We want to feel part of the whole. We yearn to feel in alignment with the greater good of all. We desire to connect to something greater than us.

This is why we dance. This is why we make love. This is why we care so deeply and mourn loss so profoundly.

We identify with, find purpose in, and define ourselves by the people, jobs, homes, cars, roles and titles we possess and hold dear.

But what if we believed that no one person, place, thing or identity is needed to be connected? What if we believed that it always exists?

Wouldn’t that be a great foundation for all that we do?

Do you think we would feel more balanced and more in our power? What if we released our grip on life and trusted in the flow and in the connection that is present?

There would be more…space.



Love. Grace and Ease.

There might be less co-dependency, frustration and disappointment.

We can tap into and remind ourselves of the connection through relationships, activities, responsibilities and roles we play. We can be grateful for their presence in our lives.

But we are always connected. We always have access to the great power and light that created this glorious universe.

As you dance and make love and breathe and share your gifts, be conscious of this connection.

If you just sit right where you are in this moment, close your eyes and take deep breaths. Feel into this connection. Feel the connection through the heart, third eye, top of the head, deep in your gut and all the way to the base of your spine. Feel the connection in every cell of your body.

Consciously connect yourself to the earth. Connect yourself to the stars and sun and moon. Connect yourself to the plants and animals and insects and people in your world. Breathe into the connection that exists between us all and within us all.

Feel safe, secure, happy, worthy, supported, fulfilled and accepted in this moment. Most of all, trust that this connected is never severed.

It is only through our limiting stories, damaging beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors and choices that we feel disconnected. They are an illusion.

You are connected. Your ultimate desire is here. It is alive.

Tap in.

Turn on.


I love you,