My number one seller, Pushkar Rose Oil is divinity in a bottle! Every single person who has purchased a bottle sings it’s praises. Enjoy this sweet, buttery, alluring rose oil… to dot your wrists, neck ears and heart center with! Add a few drops to a spray bottle, add water and feel refreshed throughout the day…spray your bedspread and your pillows! Create a blend with jojoba as the base and add some drops of your favorite sensual scents, for a romantic body oil or natural perfume.

Pre-ordering NOW CLOSED. Stay tuned for future sales! 

If you live outside of Southern California, please send email to I will send invoice with small added shipping charge ($2-$5). Otherwise your oil will be hand delivered by moi! Receive a 10% discount if you pre-order 5 or more. Please email your order and I will send an invoice.

Small bottle (.15 ml) = $30

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Large bottle (.33 ml) = $45

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