Celebrate the Newness of NOW and live with less stress

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  I love new beginnings. Whether it is Jan 1st, Chinese New Year (this Thursday), the first day of Spring, or the Fall Equinox…I LOVE the idea of starting over. It’s why I love Mondays. A fresh week ahead. It’s why I love the morning time best. A chance EVERY day to start over and […]

Walking tall + staying true: a path of love.

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Suffering is a part of life. The Buddha taught us this when he said, in essence, “Life is Dukkha”. Dukkha is difficult to translate, but suffering is a part of dukkha. So is impermanence and happiness and interdependence. Life is constantly changing and shifting. This is dukkha. Suffering is part of what we signed up […]

2015: The Year of Embodiment

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This year I am being called to embody the qualities and core desired feelings that speak to my heart right now: Connection. Devotion. Joy. Freedom. Thrive. Savvy. Brilliance. In 2015 I commit to embodying these qualities to the best of my ability. Through words, actions, deeds. Why embodiment? Recently my man and I watched an […]