The Fullness of Woman

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Dear Beauty, Regardless of your gender, can you embrace the fullness of woman? Her inner and outer beauty as well as her “flaws”? I have been reflecting on all aspects of woman this past week. Perhaps it is because I’m surrounded by them every day all day in my dance school. Women of all ages […]

Melting into softness. Embracing the season of darkness.

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It hit us like a ton of bricks. The dry, cool and dark winter came and smacked us upside the head on Sunday and Monday of last week. A near 20 degree drop in temperature. Dark by 5:30 p.m. My skin parched like a dried raisin. Hair full of static. Lips cracked. A wave of heavy energy swept over […]

40 wisdom bits & truth testimonies for life

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In my 40 short years on this planet, I’ve realized some pretty awesome truths. Now these are declarations of truths that speak to me and my experience. Your truths may be completely different than mine based on your experience. By sharing these truths and wisdom bits with you, I invite you to find and identify […]