shutterstock_197246654Look back upon your life.

What issue, or challenge, has repeated itself over and over again (in different ways and a variety of flavors)?

Have you transcended and moved beyond the lesson that has repeated itself in your life (sometimes by hitting you over the head)?

Are you just now recognizing it?

Are you sick of recognizing it and ready to be over it?

Are you in the thick of it and feel like you are drowning in mud?

Whether it is family issues, relationship issues, money issues, self-esteem issues… it all comes down to YOU.

How you deal.

How you respond and react.

How you choose to meet life after you’ve stood up and dusted yourself off.

Take that first step.

My greatest challenge and opportunity for expansion has been my worth. My value.

It has come in so many forms.

The stories and old beliefs that at one time held me back, paralyzed me, weighed on me like a 10 ton brick.

The people in my past who have challenged my worth and value.

Trauma from the first time I opened a checking account at the age of 18.

Hearing “we can’t afford that” or “only rich people can do that or experience this” and other limiting beliefs from family members, friends, teachers, mentors, etc. Over and over again.

Credit card debt. Student loan debt. Stupid decisions. Miscalculations.

Shame. Guilt.

Feeling awkward when setting prices for my services as performer, teacher, presenter, etc.

Not good enough. Not smart enough.

Not worth much. Just average. Just o.k.

Then, ROCK BOTTOM. Depression. Tears. Anger. Suffocation.

Then…new choices. Stumbling. Trying. Learning.

Epiphanies! New ways of looking at my talents and gifts.

New opportunities. Going for them no matter what.

Believing more, trusting more. Then, forgetting all of it and stumbling back into the abyss.

Then, trying again. Getting better.

Allowing. Surrendering.

Knowing. My worth. My value.

No matter what your issue or life lesson is…you can overcome it. You WILL overcome it.

I can now say that this “thing” that was like a monster in my life has been my greatest gift.

It seems now that everything makes sense. For so many years I intellectually knew and intuitively felt the truth…but now I am embodying it.

I, you, me…we can have and be and do whatever it is that we desire in this life.

Start now. Start small, but keep that glorious big vision alive in you and know that it (and so much more) is possible.

5 Tips to Overcome that “thing” that seems to weigh you down and kick your butt in life…over and over again…


1. Connect the dots.

Where does it come from? What memories are connected to it? What stories and old belief systems or patterns are connected to it?

2. Write a new story.

Look at those traumatic stories or moments. Get your journal out and write a new version of what happened, from a more empowered place.

3. Find mentors or coaches to give you new language, ideas, possibilities for transcending it.

I have been so blessed to find the following spiritual teachers in my life: Esther Hicks (aka Abraham), Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, the late (and great) Wayne Dyer. Sometimes when I stumble and fall back, I watch videos (usually on YouTube) of their lectures, programs, over and over again, obsessively, until I start to feel better and back on track.

4. Feel the fear. Make friends with it. This takes courage and tenacity.

Notice what kinds of experiences scare you. Notice when you start to fall back into old patterns and freak yourself out by the idea of failure. Stumble a little. Try again. Keep going into the fear and ask it “what are you trying to tell me right now? How can I put you at ease?

Give your fear a name. Talk to him or her. Tell them that you are on their side.

Use the fear as fuel to push you through to the next level. The more you do this, the more you will cultivate a more courageous and empowered YOU.

5. Celebrate! Be kind and patient.

Every day, recognize your triumphs (small and large). Sometimes you are just celebrating the fact that you notice and are clearly aware of how you have misstepped. Don’t beat yourself up. Rejoice that you are tuned in and more aware of the moments when you falter or slip up. Sometimes, you are celebrating how you handled a situation in a new and empowering way. That you have risen above what has shown itself to you, over and over again.


Most of all, know that you can be FREE. Free from the suffering and frustration.

I never saw a way out. I thought that this was my lifelong burden. That I would never get to a place where I can create a life of my dreams.

I still have a long…LONG…ways to go. But that first mountain was the biggest.

There are only foothills from here forward, and soon I’ll be sailing, walking on water, and then….FLYING!

I believe you will, too.

I believe in YOU.