Dear heart ~

I thought I would do something a little different this time for my latest piece. If you prefer to listen to my words as opposed to reading, I have recorded and edited (and set to beautiful images) this message I am sharing. I apologize for the bad audio. All I have is my little android phone but a message full of love.

I have an urgent message for you. This message has been percolating and bubbling up within my heart and mind over the last week. This message is a result of my own discomfort, frustration, and pain.

It’s old stuff. It is just… so OLD. It is connected to old ways of thinking, being and operating in an OLD system and paradigm.

It has shown itself to me, in various forms, in the past few days from all kinds of circumstances and experiences. I am finally able to connect the dots and hear clearly what all of this is trying to tell me. It has shown up not only in my own life, but in the lives of dear friends through their own personal stories and struggles as of late. Therefore, I get the message very strongly that I need to share it with my people.

This time of year is always a tricky one. For some, it brings up a lot of old trauma having to do with family. This time of the year can bring up feelings of neglect and perhaps even abuse, lonliness and depression. For others, it is truly a magical and expansive time of the year. Yet, THIS year is most different than any other due to our current world situation, so I believe we are ALL “feeling it”. Some form of “it.”  Big time.

Regardless, this message is for you. If you are reading this, this message is for you. No matter what is happening in or around your life, or how happy or sad or mad or glad or anything in between you are feeling.

I want you to know that the time is here for you to unload years, decades, lifetimes of burdens, limiting stories, dramas, traumas, baggage and bullshit (aka ILLUSIONS) that you may perceive as “yours”… or your mother’s, your child’s, your best friend’s, etc etc.

I, Lisa Beck, on this day of December 27, 2020 ~ give YOU permission to detangle and liberate yourself from anything and everything that weighs on you.

I give you the permission to finally set yourself free.

It won’t happen once the corona virus is “conquered”. It won’t happen with a new president. It won’t happen once life returns back to “normal” (big chuckle there because there is no going back).

It will only happen when you say “enough is enough!”

Ask yourself in this moment:

  • “Is anything weighing on me right now?”

  • “Am I carrying anything on my shoulders or heart for any other human in my life?”

  • “Do I feel responsible for another person’s suffering or pain right now?”

  • “Am I the only one on this earth that I feel can deal with/handle/heal (insert name) _______________?”

  • “Do I feel guilt or shame about something or someone today?”

  • “Do I feel burdened by my duty towards another person or group of people?”

  • “Do I feel responsible to change (or figure out) another person’s situation?”

  • “Do I feel responsible to change (or figure out) my life right now? Am I holding a burden towards myself or my life?”

I think you get the drift of these questions. On top of so many unknowns right now, we are also facing ourselves more and more because of lockdowns and restrictions and quarantines and so on.

What does facing ourself include? What does it feel like?

You may experience:

  • discomfort

  • sadness

  • anger

  • impatience

  • longing

  • lonliness

  • rage

  • boredom

  • the questions: “is this it? what is the point?!”

When we have more time to be at home and less time running from place to place, filling our days to overflowing with activities and appointments, a great and grand space is made.

We certainly can fill that space with things like food, alcohol, caffeine, television, social media and other similar distractions.

If we choose to escape the void and hole that is waiting for us, we can certainly numb ourselves and dumb ourselves out of dealing and feeling some or all of the above mentioned.


We can BE with all of it. We can shut out the distractions and we can sit in the fire. We can notice the mind and feel the sadness. We can breathe deeply and allow all of it to just… BE.

This is an incredible and pivotal time for you and for me. It is a time for the greatest healing that you can experience to date. It is an opportunity to move into ultimate joy, ease and peace. It is not an overnight journey, yet it is possible for you to shift in the blink of an eye. We have been traveling this path of healing for a long, long time… but right NOW is a most pivotal and important part of the journey.

Everything has changed.

It is a new day.

And we are at a turning point.

So… which direction do you want to travel? It’s your choice and depends on nothing and no one outside of you.

It solely depends on YOU. Are you ready? Are you willing?


The other part of this urgent message is for you to know that it is time for you to care for yourself more than ever. It is imperative for you to be as gentle, loving and kind to your human self than ever before. Treat your human self as if YOU were your own child or dear friend.

This means:

  • more rest

  • more self-care and pampering (hot baths, walks in nature, meditation time, listening to music you love, soaking your feet, asking your partner to rub your shoulders, cooking your favorite or asking others to do so for you)

  • more saying “no” to things that do not serve you

  • more saying “yes” to things that light you up

  • more creativity and inspiration (self-generated or through reaching out to others, taking classes, etc)

  • more connection to the divine or to something greater than you (through nature, meditation, etc as mentioned above)

  • more space in your day for play or for simply “being”

  • more patience, kindness and forgiveness towards self

  • more nourishing and life-giving foods

  • less planning, predicting, projection and more PRESENCE and PATIENCE

  • more allowing and forgiving of self and others to be just as they/you are

  • more love, more love, more LOVE

You can do this. What may seem impossible and faraway is actually closer than you can imagine.

An entire world awaits us.

With the dawn of each day going forward, set your intention for healing and transformation. Not as a cliche, catch phrase or hot topic. As the REAL blossoming into the REAL you.

See and feel the beautiful new you that you are becoming. He or she is already here. Already complete. It is just a matter of peeling away the junk and gunk that we’ve accumulated in this lifetime and many others, from ourselves and from many others.

We no longer need any of it. We no longer need to carry the burdens of the past. We no longer need to carry the old stories of lack, fear, limitation, and weakness. We no longer need to fear for the future.

I don’t care about what virus is out there or what terrorist is out there. These are a part of our human incarnation and there has always been “something” to slow us down or get in our way. We don’t have to stand for it anymore. We can welcome and allow the new earth, the new us, to shine through.

Turn on the light and shine.

It’s time.

Much love,