The time is now.

To bring forth and embody more beauty, opulence, and light.

To usher in the divine feminine…with every thought, word and deed.

To be softer.
To be kinder and gentler with ourselves and our lives.
To stand in our shakti and not be afraid to shine.
To honor ourselves and the wellspring of love that we are always connected to.
To honor the masculine and partner with it…within our beings and in the way that we live our lives.

To not settle for anything less than what we desire.
To release fears and stress and straining and striving.
To do the work and practices that support the manifestations of our dreams.
Yet…to do so with great knowing and trust.

Shiva Shakti is one.
Mother Earth and Father Sky are united.
Feel the balance within your own being.

Practice what you preach.
Be the living embodiment of that which you hold dear.
Live in integrity, honesty, and truth.

Stand taller and rest more.
Relax in the knowing that all is well and all is working together for your highest good.

Be a warrior of love and light.

Dance in the cosmic realm of love.

Shine forth your brightness and let go of the desire to hide or be small.

Usher in the feminine and allow her to dance and make love to the masculine.
Allow both of these divine energies to be one within you and within your life.

Breathe and know that it is done….