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 I truly am so happy to dance with you. You are a gift and a blessing!” ~ Alaina Hernandez


Dance with me. Connect to your body and celebrate life through fluid and rhythmic movements. Dance heals the body, mind, spirit. A regular dance practice is good for the brain, burns calories, energizes and uplifts your mood. I welcome all levels and ages. If you can walk, you can dance!

Current Dance Programs


 Lisa Beck leads the best heart opening, high energy, soul medicine drumming playshop for a most soulful happy Way to create music ! YES ! Thank you Lisa Beck ! I want to learn more! and practice what I did learn!” ~ Fran Dukehart

1798658_881269815232541_5469998588928318888_nCalling all who love to drum and all who are curious and interested…learn incredible rhythms, meet fabulous folks, celebrate yourself through drum and dance! Bring your own dun dun or djembe or rent one from us.

Current Drum Programs