In my Yogalates class today I had visions. It was at the end when I was laying in savasana (after an incredible workout). First I had sensations of warmth and tingling all around my heart center and head. I felt so vibrant and happy all of a sudden. I had a vision (one I have often) of floating in a golden bubble with bright golden light all around me. I am dressed in white and gold and I am just floating. I love this place. Then I saw myself floating in the warm water (another recurring vision) looking up at the sky with my nose, eyes, and mouth just above the surface. Then I dive down and swim underwater and feel so much warmth and light. I love these visionsl!

We just purchased plane tix to Maui! It has been difficult for me to stop thinking about it – about swimming in the warm water, hiking in the lush forests, resting on the soft white sand, eating sweet fruit and drinking the most delicious water EVER! I love Hawaiian water. I’ve tasted nothing like it. It makes everything taste better – the coffee, tea…everything! So, my thoughts go back to the water, and I recall as a child swimming in my grandparents’ swimming pool here in Santa Barbara, pretending I was a dolphin or seal or mermaid with my sister. How I loved to swim. I remember taking swimming lessons during the summers in Minnesota and being one of the best swimmers in my class. I also recall swimming laps at the Balley’s Swim and Fitness in St. Louis Park, MN a few years before I moved out to California. Swimming has always been in my life…until recently. I can’t remember the last time I swam. I think it was our last trip to Maui. This was the last time I really swam!

I remember on our last day there – 2 or 3 years ago. We had a few beach hours left before we packed up and headed to the airport. I grabbed my snorkle gear and jumped in the water. I hadn’t snorkled at this beach, even though it was our favorite Maui beach and we were here twice a day during our trip! It just wasn’t well-known for its snorkling. The moment I dropped in the water and dunked my head in, beautiful bright fish swam all around and I was led to some big rocks where more pretty fish were playing and swimming all around. I swam deeper and noticed very large swordlike fish sitting at the bottom and my heart started to race. I turned around toward the shallow area again, and there in front of me was a beautiful sea turtle, taking his dive down towards the bottom. I sat there, mesmerized. It was my 3rd trip to Maui, and this was my first encounter (close up) with a sea turtle! What a gift! I watched him dive down and then come up again a few times. I then swam back to shore and was in total bliss when I collapsed on my towel!!

So I am trying to stay “in the moment” as much as I can, but cannot help but feel the strong pull towards Maui…towards the sweet water and all the mysteries inside! Today I did some research about the healing power of water and found a lot of information about how healthy water is for the body – to flush out toxins, hydrate cells, aid in weight loss, give you healthier skin – but I didn’t find anything about the healing power of swimming. I found information on swimming as exercise and how this is good for your joints and muscles and all of that. Nothing about the healing of spirit through swimming. So, I guess this a personal thing for me. When I swim I feel free, powerful, graceful…and so young. When I swim I revert to being a child and I just play. I do somersaults and play chase – then I’ll start doing the breast stroke or back stroke as fast and hard as I can…only to let go again and just float. This is SO healing for me! But I guess this is a personal thing, though I imagine there are MANY others out there who feel as I do while swimming!

Cheers to WATER once again!