drummingyah Do you love to drum? Does it light you up inside? Do you feel more embodied and invigorated after you drum?

I sure do.

I’ve been drumming for over 15 years and while I love the traditions of djembe, I have developed my own style catered to women.



 I absolutely LOVE to share it with women and now I can share it with sisters all over the world!

I have created this program so that my local students and fellow global drum lovers (like you) could practice and drum (and dance) to.




I share some of my most favorite compositions, as well as warm-ups, drills and techniques that I have developed and learned over the years to help support this style of drumming.

We don’t always have time to take group classes. And a regular practice is KEY to develop and grow as a drummer!

I welcome you on this drumming journey, dear one!


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What you get:

  • 3 original compositions (from beginner level to advanced) with a break down of each individual part plus a group performance of the rhythm

  • Warm-ups for djembe and dunduns

  • Drills to improve technique and speed

  • West African Rhythm practice


This program is for you if:

  • you love to drum

  • you want to improve as a drummer and embody rhythm

  • you want to feel more empowered and confident in your drumming and in your life


Beautifully clear! I love how you formatted for students.  I had a hard time stopping!  So many “goodies” to PLAY with.  Explore with! Learn with! I’m still smiling from watching.

~ Jo Williams

If you feel called, moved, ready to commit to this FUN drumming journey… I invite you to enroll in this wonderful program I have created for you.


I’m ready Lisa. Sign me up!