✨ Happy Holidays from Rajasthan! ✨

How are you, dear one? I am thinking of all of you out there, all over the world, during this time of year.

This is my third year in India during the holiday season, and while at times I feel like a lone bird, I am absolutely NOT alone.

I am surrounded by so much abundant life here and magic in the air! I’m making wonderful connections for my new design business and the future of my India tours as well as making new friends and deepening my existing connections here in India.

TODAY… I am reclaiming myself as a powerful visionary, dreamer and creator. I had to go through lots of sludge and mud in order to polish my diamond self… and I’m happy to report that I feel shiny once again.

TODAY… I choose to reframe all of the ups and downs of the past year and a half. I choose to tell a new story of empowerment and transformation AS MY LIFE.

The unfolding continues and it is perfect.

Right now I want to take this moment to THANK all of the teachers, mentors, guides and earth angels who have accompanied me on this path. Especially in the past few years. You have been my anchors and my reason for keeping my head up.

I know now that the expansion and peeling back of layers is never complete… but I thank the great GOD/DESS for the GRACE and MIRACLES that abound in my life as I move through the terrain of this human existence.

I send each and every one of you blessings of love, abundance, nourishment and connection during this holiday season and at the end of this year and decade.

May each one of us continue to surrender to and trust in the process of life… allowing more, accepting more, becoming more and only saying “yes” to those people, things and situations which align with our values and deepest truths.

The present moment is rich. The time is now to claim it and enjoy it. There is only NOW.

May you have a blessed season!

~ Lisa