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Creativity, embodiment and devotion are qualities that have the power to make life extraordinary.

By accessing and activating these qualities on a regular basis, we connect to an immense well of wisdom, power and courage. Our every day existence becomes more colorful, vibrant, clear and super charged.

Through dance and drumming, we engage the brain and body and access parts of ourselves ready to be awakened and set free. I invite you to join me on this journey towards greater vitality and joy-filled living! I support you as you step further into the truth of who you are.

With love,




Lisa Beck Best Of Globa Edit_76An ardent dancer of many forms for decades, Lisa travels regularly to India to imbibe the richness of the Motherland. She is a devoted Odissi student of Shakti School of Dance and the creator of an unique style of Indian fusion called Dakini. She is a prolific teacher and choreographer and a dynamic performer based in Santa Barbara, CA.

Through dance and drum classes, workshops, performance trainings and retreats, Lisa takes people to a magical place that supports their unfolding.

A place where we have the ability to move through our fears and vulnerabilities and do and be what we truly desire to do and be.

A place where freedom, play, and creativity is encouraged and celebrated.

A place where living small is no longer part of the equation.


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