Today, dear one, I am feeling many things.

Today marks one year in India. 

I can’t believe that a year has already passed and I have spent every day of this past year on Mama India’s soil. Today I am reminiscing on all that has occurred during the past 365 days.

It has been a year of many changes. Many surprises. Many gifts and many challenges.

I am grateful beyond measure for all that this country and this land gives to me. Most of you know what India (mainly Rajasthan) means to me. This is where I deepened my dance practice. This is where so many seeds were planted, so many beautiful friendships and connections have been made. So much so much so much that I cannot express properly to you.

There is much going on in our world and much healing that I feel needs to happen – within each one of us.

If there is one jewel of wisdom that I have learned this past year, it is to make my world beautiful. That any change on a global scale MUST begin right here at home within my being.

It is not to stick my head in the sand to what is going on around me and in the greater world. It is not to turn my attention completely away from matters that need attention and love (political systems, health, environment, inequality, injustice, greed, war, racism, sexism, etc). And… I realize and recognize that I come from a privileged place. I have the freedom (even during co-vid time) to live my life the way that I want to live. I realize and recognize that as a white Western woman, I have many freedoms, opportunities, and resources available to me that most do not.

Yet, I passionately share with you my deep belief that if each one of us chooses NOT to face and recognize our own inner demons, traumas, judgements, assumptions, darkness, illusions, etc, we will continue to encounter division, polarity, “us vs. them”, violence, injustice, hatred, addiction, abuse, depression, conflict, and so much more in our greater world. 

So… on this one year anniversary, my prayer is that we continue to do the internal work. It starts with me, but I’m always inspired to share it with all of you. May this be my message and prayer to all of humanity…

Dear One~ 

I hope that you are able to connect to your center, heart, inner wisdom and being… if only for a few minutes, hours, moments in your day.

What are you doing or not doing these days… that allows your shoulders to drop down, the muscles around your eyes to relax, and the breath to flow in and out of you more deeply and completely?

How often do you connect with plants, trees, fresh air, flowers, the blue sky on a daily basis?

I feel compelled to remind you that despite what is happening in the external, each one of us holds incredible healing power.

We have endless opportunities to reset, recalibrate, reconnect and remember who we really are.

The most incredible thing is, we co-create our experience. 

What stories are you telling yourself about your life and your experience? What stories are you believing?

Do you realize that much of the suffering or elation you feel is due to your believing and subscribing to the stories you tell yourself?

Take my recent experiences and contemplate your own…

One day, I can be sitting on my patio looking at the plants, the blue sky, the brilliant sunrise and say to myself “I love my life. l love this home. I am surrounded in so much beauty and love. I am so grateful to be right here right now.”

Another day, I can be sitting on my patio looking at the same things and say to myself “I am utterly alone. I am lonely. What am I doing? I am in a cage. I am suffocating.”

Lately, I’ve had moments of lonliness and longing.

I observe myself with curiosity. I know these patterns of mild depression. I’ve been here before.

I recognize that these emotions and stories are coming up again because they are needing attention, affection… and to be heard and acknowledged so they can be healed.

What do you want to create now? From here? Despite the past or even current situation…. what is it that you want? What do you need? What does the inner suffering or pain need? Attention? Forgiveness? Release?

On this one year anniversary, dear one, I am celebrating all that we have come through. I am celebrating and acknowledging all of the change that is occurring, individually and globally. I hold space for the healing. This great massive healing and change that is happening is intense, powerful, and necessary for the evolution of all.

Thank you for being on this ride with me. Thank you for all of the support and love. May the coming 365 days continue to birth us all anew. May we continue to acknowledge, release and heal our individual and collective traumas and pain.

May we rise. May we rise. May we rise.


In love,