FullSizeRenderDear Beauty,

I am reposting this blog entry from 2012 as it received a lot of love back then and it is even more relevant to my life and work today as I continue to inspire and be inspired by adornment. From the people around me… my students, teachers, fellow artists, to simply walking down the street on a regular day In Pushkar, Rajasthan… Santa Barbara, CA… Minneapolis, MN… or anywhere!

I’ve edited the original blog post for your reading pleasure. I hope it inspires you. 





Be adorned


 to lend beauty to
 to enhance or decorate with or as if with ornaments


Adorn yourself. Be adorned.

Beautify yourself…inside + out.


Every day is a celebration. A celebration of life, of living, of learning and loving.

Why not dress for the occasion? Why not celebrate? Why not decorate?

We are beauty embodied.

Don’t think so?

Well I think it is time to take a better look at yourself.

Your incredible gifts and talents. Your beautiful skin or your sparkling eyes. Your strong legs or your warm smile.

In high school and college I didn’t celebrate my femininity and beauty much. I wore baggy clothes with boyish styles….not because I loved to, but because I wanted to hide my body and my flaws. I didn’t want to draw attention.

I also wasn’t fully able (or ready) to celebrate and honor my inner beauty – the gifts I was given to share with the world. I had glimpses of this beauty, but wasn’t ready to fully embrace it.

Part of self-love is seeing our beauty, our uniqueness and celebrating it. I didn’t fully love myself back then and that’s o.k. It took some time, but here I am now…loving me…in all of my imperfection and unique beauty. Here I am, adorning and enhancing and expressing my inner and outer beauty.

So, are you interested in celebrating who you are through adornment?

Adorning myself makes me feel more confident, powerful, feminine and soft. I invite you to try it.

Adorn Thyself: A Practice

1. Choose one quality that you admire about yourself. Maybe two.
2. Choose one aspect of your outward appearance that you love. I know you can find at least one.
3. Find something in your closet or beauty drawer that you can wear today that celebrates, enhances, and expresses your love for these inner and outer beauty aspects.
4. Beautify yourself and as you look in the mirror, say “You are beautiful. You are wise. You are here to sparkle and shine and share your gifts. I love you.”

You don’t have to take hours and you don’t have to go way beyond your comfort zone. Make it fun. Make it part of your morning ritual.

Add a little color, a splash of sparkle, a hint of shimmer, a scent of rose, jasmine, or lavender (or all 3).

Then “adorn” your inner beauty.

What does that mean? It means you stand a little taller, breathe more deeply, and speak with purpose and passion. Feel softer in your body and expanded in your heart.

Allow your inner beauty to sparkle and shine, too.

You deserve to be celebrated.

Why do we need a special occasion to don extra bangles or enhance our inner and outer beauty?



In India, I see women sweeping the streets, picking vegetables in the fields, washing the laundry completely adorned and beautified in vibrant color. Their toe rings sparkle in the sunshine. Their anklets sing and jingle as they walk.

No matter what you are doing today, treat it as the best day to adorn.

A special day to celebrate the beauty that is YOU.

Today is the day.

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