We know what to do

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Let my guard down Walls crumble to the earth Breathing into the goodness  Releasing expectation Surrendering to the most high DeathRebirth Bowing in humble gratitude Reverence Releasing thru tears Laughter, dancing, sighs Looking into those eyes Forgive Embracing the difficulty Forgive Smiling at the humanness  Forgive CelebrateReceive GiveReceive UpliftReceive Serve We know what to do

You are most excellent.

Yesterday I felt raw, exposed, vulnerable…but also renewed, reborn and extremeley grateful. These feelings were the result of my going for it at our Spring Celebration on Saturday at Brasil Arts Cafe. I gave every ounce of myself to the event and especially to my performances. I decided to dance as if it was the […]

What are you afraid of?

One of the most challenging things that I’ve said “yes” to recently is choreographing and performing solo dance pieces for different events and audiences. Last December I performed solo dances on 3 different occasions. I had never choreographed for just ME before. I was used to having at least one other dancer up there with […]

Let go with love.

I’ve been having many conversations lately with people who have simply committed to too many things. They are feeling overwhelmed and are experiencing burn out. Too many things to do, try and commit to, not enough time or energy. This is such a great time for these conversations. The beginning of the year is perfect for […]

Wear your gratitude like a soft fluffy sweater

Dear shining star ~ On Monday I performed with my Panzumo Drum and Dance Company for the annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration at the incredible Arlington Theater in Santa Barbara (picture above). I give huge kudos and props to our student performers Suzi, Jo, Rick, Paul, Adam, Markus, Brenda and Simone…for your incredible focus, […]

Make your dreams come true. Feel your way.

Beloved friend ~ On Winter Solstice this past December I led a group of incredible women in a Dream Dance Journey in Santa Barbara and it was truly magical. We chanted, meditated, danced, breathed deeply, and shared our deepest dreams and desires for this year. Since then I continue to journal and meditate on what […]

Love note from my heart to yours

Dear wonderful you ~ Here’s wishing you a magical holiday season and a happy new year…filled to overflowing with love and celebration. As you move forward into the holiday season and into this new year, please remember the following things: 1. You are a magnificent being of light and love. No matter what happens in […]

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

You are the gift.

Today I write to you with a heart overflowing with gratitude. Last night I performed at a private birthday gathering in 30 degree weather but surrounded by so many people that I love, admire and adore. I am reminded of these beautiful, simple yet profound words from one of my spiritual teachers: “I get to […]

Let there be GRATITUDE.

Hello there love muffin ~ Since this is the time of year when most of us kick into high gear for the holidays, I have been inspired more than ever to anchor myself each day in gratitude. It is almost Thanksgiving, and giving thanks is something that always brings me back to earth (out of […]