3 Keys of Manifestation Part 2: Believe. Align. Embody.

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Believe In order for the Universe to co-create with us and answer our desires, we must believe with every cell of our being in what we want, in our principles, morals, and stories about life. We must believe that we are worthy of our desires. Take a good look at where you might be sending […]

3 Keys of Manifestation Part 1: Believe. Align. Embody.

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  There is unlimited supply. The universe provides. All of my needs are met. These are a few mantras I’ve used over the years to help me remember that “lack” is a belief and state of mind. And when I consider the reality of my life…I have food on the table, clothes on my back, […]

Celebrate the Newness of NOW and live with less stress

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  I love new beginnings. Whether it is Jan 1st, Chinese New Year (this Thursday), the first day of Spring, or the Fall Equinox…I LOVE the idea of starting over. It’s why I love Mondays. A fresh week ahead. It’s why I love the morning time best. A chance EVERY day to start over and […]

Dance yourself open. Dance yourself free.

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Have you ever had an experience that left you feeling as if you’d been completely rearranged inside and out? Then memories and impressions from that experience proceed to seep through every moment of your waking day…and even color your dreams at night with vibrance and electricity? I had one of those experiences last week as […]

Lasso Your Dreams

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Don’t let them get stuck up there In the air Take a lasso and lovingly wrangle them Down to Earth   Embracing Dancing Twirling, twisting and leaping Bodies with dreams   Feel them in your hands Mix them with the dirt Dreams in your fingernails Between your toes   Let them breathe you Feel them […]

Devotion is love in action

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  One hundred percent devotion takes tenacity, endurance, stamina, strength, resolve, commitment, creativity, patience, consistency, humility, vulnerability, trust, compassion, forgiveness and a whole lot of courage.   DEVOTION is love in action. It is showing up, no matter what. DEVOTION is saying “yes” to something greater than ourselves. A higher power. Love. The great mystery. DEVOTION happens thru […]

Come back to your center. Again and again.

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It’s time…to drop it. To consciously let go of the the drama, distractions, silly stories and excuses about why we cannot move forward. It’s time to come back to your center. Again and again. Keep returning home. This is a conscious daily practice. It was never supposed to be easy. Get used to the uncomfortableness. […]

Walking tall + staying true: a path of love.

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Suffering is a part of life. The Buddha taught us this when he said, in essence, “Life is Dukkha”. Dukkha is difficult to translate, but suffering is a part of dukkha. So is impermanence and happiness and interdependence. Life is constantly changing and shifting. This is dukkha. Suffering is part of what we signed up […]

2015: The Year of Embodiment

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This year I am being called to embody the qualities and core desired feelings that speak to my heart right now: Connection. Devotion. Joy. Freedom. Thrive. Savvy. Brilliance. In 2015 I commit to embodying these qualities to the best of my ability. Through words, actions, deeds. Why embodiment? Recently my man and I watched an […]

Sacred dance. Sacred life.

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Dance, for me,  is a doorway that leads into a world of magic, celebration and self-love. It didn’t used to be this way. I used to compare myself to the other dancers, my body, the way I shook my hips. I wanted to do everything that my teacher did. I wanted to jump as high, […]