I bow deeply to you. I want more of you. I give thanks for you.

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As I write this, tears stream down my face. For the past hour I have been reading through hundreds of my blog posts since 2007. Yes, I still have every single post I’ve ever written and published…now viewable on this brand new website right here (I love technology). If you had asked me yesterday what […]

Dream a little dream

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I thank you God for this most amazing day, for the leaping greenly spirits of trees, and for the blue dream of sky and for everything which is natural, which is infinite, which is yes. ~ e.e. cummings Dear gorgeous, Today I invite you to see your dreams as manifest in bright, vibrant and bold […]

How to stop the insanity and start making change

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I saw this in my mother in law’s house last week and chuckled to myself. I believe it is an Albert Einstein quote. I’ve seen it there for the past 15 years but this time it really struck a chord and I just had to laugh it off. I took a picture of it immediately […]

To the women in our lives

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Latifah. Angelina. Maya. Charlize. Oprah. Marianne. These women inspire me to be powerful, poised, graceful, creative, brilliant, dedicated, caring, generous and beautiful…inside and out. They are in the public eye. They’re famous and glamorous. We see them in the news, social media, in movies and interviews. I’m very grateful that we have so many positive female role models to admire […]

How to follow your bliss

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Follow your bliss. Could it really be that simple? Isn’t that self-centered and selfish? When we focus on doing what makes us happy, what about our loved ones? How do they fit into our bliss? Our kids? Our partners? Our parents? And how do we know whether we are following our bliss or just trying […]

Practice as prayer

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There is this fabulous rhythm that one of my drum teachers shared in a recent workshop. Parts of it come naturally, but there is a roll that I still cannot seem to produce with my hands on the drum. It is frustrating, but I know that with practice I will get there some day. And […]

Peace. Patience. Prosperity.

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Yes, please. Those three words popped into my head as I was walking my pups the other day for their morning outing. I have been having a trying time (to say the least) with September. It’s not September’s fault, mind you. It has been one of my favorite months for many years…but this time it’s […]

Are you expanding or contracting?

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  Oh I’m not talking about your waistline or the number on the scale. I’m talking about consciousness. I’m talking about feeling your heart wide open to all that is, right now. I’m talking about trusting in the process and allowing life to FLOW, instead of clutching, clenching, wrenching, holding, struggling to make life do […]

My love letter to summer…

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When I look back at all of the incredible moments since May of this year, I am filled with such glee I can barely contain it.  So I won’t. I’ll let the glee burst forth and explode into a million sparkles in the sky.  I’ll let it pour over everyone and everything.  I’ll let it […]