Dear Love ~

Heart explosion. Love overflowing. Gratitude abounds.

These past two weeks have been incredibly magical and so full of love that I don’t care how cheesy and sentimental and fluffy it all sounds.

When things are feeling really good, we need to stop and appreciate it.


Acknowledgement. Absorption. Assimilation. Celebration.

We are made new by all of our experiences.
We are born again, renewed, just as parts of us are destroyed and die off.

Like the breath. Inhale and renew. Exhale and release.

We so often just move ahead with our lives after we accomplish our goals, finish a project, have a breakthrough, or just experience something magical and out of the blue.

O.k., on the next thing.

No. Not this time.

Appreciate. Breathe. Acknowledge. Give thanks!

Over the past two weeks I’ve experienced another heart expansion due to so many amazing happenings.

All were about love and were about deepening my connection to the divine through my teachers, friends, the breath, and service.

I had the incredible opportunity to be humbled by and study Odissi Classical Dance and Indian Fusion Dance with my teacher, Colleena Shakti.

Post Odissi bliss with my dear teacher Colleena Shakti.


I co-created an amazing service at the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Live Oak in Goleta. I gave the sermon, performed song and dance, and led the meditation (video coming soon).

With Holly Cook at Live Oak Unitarian Universalist Church. A day I’ll never forget.


Danced for and surprised my best friend’s boyfriend for his b-day.

With Asia and Brad post surprise and Bollywood dance performance. So much love in the house!


Met and had fellowship with Swami Vidyadhishananda at Unity Church. We learned about and practiced pranayama techniques. I look forward to studying more with this amazing Swami!

SVG Photo (1)
His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda, founder of the Self Enquiry Life Fellowship


Participated in a super fun dance film project (here’s a sneak peek).

photo by Catherine Bennett


Performed West African Dance and Drum at UCSB Music Department.

Sharin Kurstin, Budhi Harlow and Suzi Wiley rock the drums during our West African Drum and Dance Presentation at UCSB last week.


Generosity. Service. Joy. Collaboration. Music. Dance. Friendship. Connection. Purpose. Food for the soul. Pranayama. Prayers. Sacred Dance. Sweat. Burning muscles. Fatigue. Energy. Bliss.

Thank you.
Thank you dance.
Thank you drum.
Thank you teachers.
Thank you Santa Barbara.
Thank you LIFE.

What are you grateful for, darling? What magic can you celebrate today?

I love you and wish you more good than you could ever imagine!


“I am loving for the sake of loving…not to get anything out of the other person or expect them to feel the same way about me.

I am being with all of the feelings and I am allowing myself to be loved and to love. No matter how scary or how unfamiliar or how exposed and vulnerable I feel. 

I am letting it in.

My capacity to love and be loved is limitless and eternal. “
From Capacity to Love on the LBL blog. Read the rest here.