Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.

~ Nicholas Sparks

Last week I was scolded.

I experienced a moment of rebellion mixed with poor judgement. I acted with good intentions but also a little ignorance and naïveté. I was then confronted by a woman who would have none of it.

I felt raw. Misunderstood. Very shaken up. I quietly walked away.

And my ego? A little bruised.

Caught in the act of momentary absentmindedness and child-like spontaneity.

I handled it well, but it stuck with me for days. It prickled and stung. It felt heavy.

Today I thank her. I’m grateful.

She wasn’t abusive. She was curt and brash and to the point.

The details do not matter. The feelings of discomfort do. The emotions that it stirred up inside of me do. The clarity and release that happened does.

The experience helped to move a lot of stuck energy like pain and anxiety through.

It brought me to a place where I was able to cry and feel into sadness and fear that had been sitting there. In my body. In my heart. 

I am still moving through the remnants of discomfort. Moving through greater issues, challenges and opportunities I am currently dancing with.

As a human species, we often do every thing in our power to avoid discomfort. To take the path of least resistance. Avoid conflict or confrontation.

The path of no growth. Safety. Staying put.

Last week I wrote about following the path of your heart.

It isn’t always smooth. The occasional bump in the road is needed.

For clarity. Course correction. 

Contrast makes life more beautiful.

What kinds of discomfort are you willing to face and embrace in the name of growth and change?

What wants to be transmuted, transformed, released and expressed?

If you stuff it down too long, you will attract situations and people who will trigger it to be released.

When it does come, embrace it. As yucky as it is. There is a message for you here.

Take a few days to breathe in the discomfort.

Have an inner dialogue with your internal guidance system. Listen to the messages. Be kind and gentle with yourself during the process. Most of all, forgive yourself.

Then, return to your center and the path of your heart.

Take the lesson and move forward with the gifts. With a lighter load and a spring in your step.



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