“I feel like I should be doing more.”

I uttered these words to my beloved recently and sort of choked on them as they spewed from my mouth.

I know better than that. But words like these haunt me and taunt me from time to time.

Old stories. Baggage. Voices from the past. 

When there is a gap, a slowing, a space that lingers.

When I question…and there is silence.

When I expect and there is nothing, or just very little of something.

What does my inner wise sage say to the anxiety that bubbles up in the silence? When things turn out differently than I expected?




Space is our friend. Silence is golden. The gap is necessary for the next stage.

Let go of expectations.

Be more instead of do more.

Sometimes it is time to do more. Most often than not, however, I am in dire need of releasing control and letting go of the reins.

Stop forcing and start allowing.

Allow the mystery to unfold.

Something wants to emerge.

Have faith that the seeds of desire you have planted are taking root.

Your wishes and intentions have been heard.

Your job is to be in the flow.

Let go of attachment.

And…we remember that this is a time of transition and change. Fall equinox. A time to move towards more darkness, and inner reflection.

Summer has passed. Fall is upon us. Winter is coming.

Embrace what is.

Enjoy the ride.

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