“Sometimes God challenges you to find strength you don’t have. Only like this will you go beyond your imagined limits. 

You must be pushed so far that you are forced to be humble. Only then, when your pride and arrogance are crushed, will you discover muscles that are not yours. You will find and use the muscles of God.

When you completely abandon yourself, your ego, this miracle becomes possible.”

~ Mooji


Dear Beauty –

I am finding so much resonance in the messages of this teacher. His words are balm for my soul during this incredible healing time in my life. After one week of yoga asana, meditation, pranayama, mantra chanting, ritual and ceremony at a beautiful ashram on the banks of Ma Ganga… much contemplation and an ocean of healing tears, deep connection and powerful release… I feel raw, tender but full of resolve and a new-found clarity and wisdom.

We try to stay comfortable… to cushion and soften every rough edge corner and prickly experience.

We try to avoid discomfort. We think it is a bad thing. That life not always going our way is bad. Like we did something wrong or that we are wrong. That life is wrong when it hurts.

Yet… The joy and ecstasy that is available to us sometimes cannot be felt or experienced fully unless a level of discomfort comes… Growth, expansion, change comes with discomfort. Sometimes excruciating. Sometimes overwhelming. Sometimes we have to “die” to be born again. Sometimes we have to be pushed so far that all we can do is raise the white flag and give ourselves over to “God” (universe, love, light, whatever you call it).

I’ll tell you one thing… I have chosen not to use social media to show how rosy and shiny and sparkly my life always is.

I have chosen it to share my story, my truth…including beauty, loss, all of it. Because life is not always shiny and sparkly as social media portrays.

I want to see and feel and understand the real you.

We need to feel the real you.

We need to hear each other stories.

My life is good… but I often go through many periods of intense internal struggle and transformation. I know you do too. Let’s share more and support each other.

Supporting and loving you ~