Follow the path…of your heart.

You might not know exactly where it leads.

It is enticing, scary, exciting.

Follow the path.

You may have to compromise, change, give things up.

You may have to lose parts of yourself.

Shedding is necessary.

Follow the path.

Staying put or turning back might suffocate or crush you.

You feel the urge to move.

Stretch out. Stand tall.

Follow the path.

You may want to sabotage, quit, hide, stuff your feelings down.

It burns. It yearns. It whispers and shouts.

Be courageous.

Follow the path.

The Universe expands as you expand.

Your ego can take a back seat. A rest.

Your heart will lead the way.

Love rules.

Follow the path.

A golden road is in front of you.

Sometimes there are cracks and detours.

It’s o.k. Take a breath. Come back.

Follow the path.


Believe in magic. Believe in yourself.

Remember that you are worthy.

Follow the path.