Across the World: My half-year in India
Travel Blog #2. Dec 24, 2016

It’s Christmas Eve in India. Just another day, but in my heart I recall all of the incredible Christmas Eves I spent in the US. Most of them in Minnesota, many in California, and a few in Oregon.

This is my first Christmas in India.

Right now, as I sip chai, I see the golden sun setting and hear bhajan chanting in the neighboring Ashram.

Birds chirping, kites flying in the Pushkar sky, motorbikes honking and cows mooing.

Soon I will head over to the sunset nagara drumming group and then meander down the market in search of some sweet gifts for friends.


I love being here. Right now.

This past year marked a huge time of transition… personally, professionally, emotionally and of course in the greater world.

I’ve had high highs and low lows… as we all have, and continue to do as human beings on this earth.

This year was different, though. A major turning point in my life… the growing pains, confusion and grief led to much surrender, faith, and a larger capacity to hold, give and receive love.

I am grateful for all of it. It has led me to this very point, this very place and time.

Right here, right now.

And I love that I am in vacation-mode… to really enjoy this holiday season. I see so much magic about me.

Bells ringing. Candles flickering. Incense wafting. Swamis chanting. People praying. Dogs barking. Monkeys chasing. Eyes sparkling. Smiles widening.


It’s Christmas here in India. I wish you the very best this day, and every day forward.

Namaste. Ram Ram!

In love…